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This book responds to the growing dynamism of corporate governance, with a focus on emerging economies and in particular, practices in Nigeria. Amongst others:
*It discusses the development of corporate governance practice in the Nigerian business environment and situates this within the broad perspective of emerging economies.
* Using recent codes, it demonstrates the depth of theory but draws attention to the yearning gap in practice. Discussions of the roles of boards, board committees, Shareholders, and key governance personnel is stimulating.
*With copious illustrations from the Oil and Gas industry, dimensions such as risk management, ethics and the place of leadership in good corporate governance practice are discussed.
*It examines and depreciates the un-abating corruption in corporate and national life in this clime and proffers suggestions on how to stem impunity-the bane of corporate governance.

While providing good reading for advanced management and business studies students reading for the MBA and other post graduate courses, it is also a reference material for directors, practitioners and others involved with governance roles.

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