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Corporate Governanace

An Emerging Economy perspective

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The discipline of Corporate Governance continues to attract attention globally. Each occurrence of corporate scandal or failure orchestrates regulatory and policy reforms and such occurrences are replete across the World. The concern for a corruption-free, fair and transparent handling of business transactions demands regular re-visitation of contemporary practices.


Get the most comprehensive definitions on Corporate Governance. Whether you are just starting out or are well verse in its ethos. The book comes highly recommended as one of the biggest Authority in sub-Sahara Africa


Whether your goal is to go from a basic Understanding of the subject of Corporate governance or to corroborate your points about the subjecr matter in a citation. You are Assured of the best from Dr Grants many years of hands on experience.


We have developed a very Robust Curriculum on the subject matter and the Govak Consult team is ready to deliver in depth knowledge based classes for middle and Senior Managers within your organisation for growth

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